Seth Meyers Takes ‘A Closer Lick’ at His Ice Cream Presser With the President

What would you say if the President of the United States asked you to join him for an ice cream cone?

Seth Meyers said yes Monday night after Biden taped an appearance on his show’s tenth anniversary episode. From the looks of things, Meyers wasn’t prepared for what came next.

After ordering their cones at the Van Leeuwen ice cream shop in Rockefeller Center, Biden made news when he answered a reporter’s question about prospects for an upcoming cease fire in Gaza in between licks of ice cream.

What Meyers didn’t know at the time was that the president’s remarks would soon be televised around the world, and that Biden and he both would be gleefully mocked by Fox News and others for the strange sight of what’s come to be known as the “ice cream presser.”

Meyers addressed being caught up in the kerfluffle in a special edition of “A Closer Look” Wednesday night (which he renamed “A Closer Lick” for the occasion).

“Seriously, cameraman, you didn’t want to help a brother out and frame the shot a little tighter?” a mortified Meyers quipped. “Never before in my life has the Curb Your Enthusiasm music been louder in my head.”

“Seriously” he added, “you try exhibiting gravitas next to the president while licking some honey comb ice cream surrounded by a group of strangers.”

Watch the entire segment below:

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