Robert Downey Jr. Calls Jimmy Kimmel ‘A National Treasure’

Jimmy Kimmel was criticized for joking about Robert Downey Jr.’s past issues with drug addiction at his otherwise well-received fourth hosting stint at last month’s Oscars, but Downey himself apparently he wasn’t offended.

In the awards show’s opening monologue, Kimmel joked “this is the highest point of Robert Downey Jr.’s long and illustrious career. Well, one of the highest points.”

Downey took the joke in stride. When he responded by touching his finger to his nose,  Kimmel doubled down. “Was that ‘too on the nose,’ or was that a drug motion you made?”

In a new interview with Esquire, Downey was asked to comment on the joke. His reply was simple: “I don’t care. I love Jimmy Kimmel. I think he’s a national treasure.”

The two have a long history. Downey has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 11 times since 2008.

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