Netflix Sets a Date For David Letterman’s My Next Guest Season 5

David Letterman’s Emmy-nominated Netflix series will be back in short order… with a curiously short order. 

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction is set to return for its  fifth season with just two episodes. A just-released trailer (below) reveals Letterman’s two guests will be musician Miley Cyrus and former basketball player Charles Barkley. 

The two-episode season breaks Netflix’s usual release pattern for the series, and comes after an extended break. 

Most recently, Letterman released a standalone episode of the show in April, in which the host interviewed comedian John Mulaney. Prior to that, the show’s most recent episode was a December 2022 special with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman debuted in January 2018, releasing 7 episodes across the season, each a few weeks apart. 

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Season 2 consisted of 5 episodes all released at once, with another bonus episode dropping a month later. 

A special aired in 2019, followed by a 4-episode third season in 2020, and a 6-episode fourth season in 2022. Both of those seasons stuck with the all-episodes-at-once release schedule. 

One wonders if Mulaney’s episode was initially intended to be part of this Season 5 release, but pushed up to help generate buzz for the comedian’s limited-run talk series, Everybody’s in L.A.

Both episodes of My Next Guest Season 5 hit Netflix on June 12. The series has been nominated for five Emmy Awards since its debut. 

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