Late Night Goes Dark For Memorial Day Week—With One Exception

Nearly all of the late-night hosts are turning Memorial Day Weekend into an extended break, with all but one show off the entirety of next week.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Late Night with Seth Meyers, After Midnight, The Daily Show, and Watch What Happens Live are all dark next week. In Meyers’ case, it’ll be the second week of a two-week hiatus.

The only late-night show airing new episodes next week will be Jimmy Kimmel Live!— Kimmel will air new shows on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next week.

While Kimmel was new Monday through Wednesday this week, he got an early start to the long weekend, taking off on Thursday this week.

Last Week Tonight and Real Time with Bill Maher are also dark this weekend (as is Saturday Night Live, which ended its 49th season last week).

All of the in-season shows are set to return the week of June 3rd. After missing a week of news (including closing arguments and possible deliberations in the Trump trial that has captured late-night’s attention), there will no doubt be a lot to catch up on.


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  1. photono says:

    For the record despite the dwindling revenue WE LOVE our LATE NIGHT network executives! The strike last year proved that theorem. Don’t mess with it – well OK, tinker IF YOU MUST but a 60 year tradition of comedy talk shows after the late night news is as American as apple pie and critical to our culture.

    What everybody wants to know Latenighter staff is … so go get the scoop why don’t you … Will Jimmy Kimmel be around this summer making political jokes during the conventions and debates?

  2. Amy says:

    I think Jimmy Kimmel might also have a new episode this week on Friday, May the 31st. I believe the guest is Maya Rudolph.