Jimmy Kimmel on Trump: ‘He Is My Muse’

After 8+ years of Donald Trump dominating late-night monologues, you might think Jimmy Kimmel has had enough. You might be wrong.

In a joint Hollywood Reporter interview with his executive producer and wife Molly McNearney, Kimmel was asked whether he was prepared for yet more Trump as we head into another election year.

“You know what,” Kimmel responded. “I kind of love it because I know it bothers him and that really tickles me. And then occasionally we get confirmation of that and it inspires me. He is my muse.”

McNearney added, “There have been moments where Jimmy has wanted to do a show on a Saturday or Sunday because there has been something crazy.”

The duo, who are currently preparing for Kimmel’s fourth hosting gig at this Sunday’s Oscars, also spoke about all the hullabaloo last month after he told an interviewer that he’s seriously considering stepping down when his current contract end in 2026.

“I’ve got to stop answering this question,” he said. “Because whatever mood I’m in is the way I go, and then it upsets everyone that I work with.”

Asked how she felt about Kimmel’s retirement talk, McNearney said she shares his ambivalence. “I look at his lifestyle and say, ‘How much longer can you do this?’ I mean, it’s a grind.”

Still, she continued, “He’s really, really good at it. And I think we need his voice. He holds people accountable and he’s very funny.”

Kimmel is one of late night’s longest tenured hosts. This May he’ll surpass Jay Leno, who hosted The Tonight Show for 22 years. Only Conan O’Brien (who spent 28 years in late night), Johnny Carson (30 years), and David Letterman (33 years) have hosted shows longer.

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