Is Kim Mulkey SNL’s Next Katie Britt? Someone Call Amy Poehler.

It was just three weeks ago that viewers demanded that Saturday Night Live satirize Alabama Senator Kate Britt’s response to the State of the Union. The show happily complied, casting Scarlett Johansson to play a pitch-perfect Britt, an in the process delivering one of the largest audiences the show has seen all season.

With LSU women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey grabbing headlines for her, shall we say, outsized response to an as-yet unpublished Washington Post article, sports fans who’ve long wished for Mulkey lookalike Amy Poehler to play her in an SNL sketch may finally get their wish.

Mulkey’s SNL worthy performance came in a press conference between March Madness games on Saturday when she delivered an angry four-minute statement in which she bashed the media and threatened the Washington Post with a lawsuit if they publish the article.

While the coach has defended putting the Post and the journalist writing the article on blast, saying “not many people are in the position to hold these kinds of journalists accountable,” her angry, finger wagging, me thinks the lady doth-protest-too-much performance quickly became a meme, likely drawing far more attention to the still yet to be published article than it would have received in the first place.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Cue the calls for an SNL sketch:

Time will tell whether or not Lorne Michaels and the rest of the team at SNL deem Mulkey’s meltdown sketch-worthy, but count us among the many fans hoping the answer is yes.

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