Conan Fan Resurfaces Vintage ‘Late Night Underground’ Content

Some of Conan O’Brien’s old “Late Night Underground” content has made its way back to the surface.

The Internet Archive just got a small trove of clips from Late Night Underground, the now-defunct website that brought viewers behind the scenes of Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

The site, run by longtime Conan team member Aaron Bleyaert, featured footage of antics from rehearsals and other fun moments during Conan’s run on Late Night. (When O’Brien hosted Conan on TBS, content like this was evoked in the show’s “Scraps” video series.)

On Thursday, Redditor SmileImaginary8169 shared a recently discovered cache of Late Night Underground clips they had saved to the Conan subreddit, noting they don’t seem to be currently available anywhere else on the web.

Another user chimed in with the suggestion of uploading the content to Internet Archive, which the fan promptly did.

While it’s not nearly a complete collection of the old site, the 20 videos uploaded are a great reminder of the part Late Night Underground’s content played in growing O’Brien’s fandom.

The Internet Archive has been an indispensable tool in preserving late-night content—both for O’Brien and beyond. A number of full episodes of Late Night with Conan O’Brien have also been uploaded to the site. So has nearly his entire his run on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (for which he taped 146 episodes, one of which could not be completed after O’Brien fell and suffered a concussion while filming a bit with Teri Hatcher).

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