Comedy Central Goes All-In on Jon Stewart (Repeats) This Week

The Daily Show may be taking the week off, but Comedy Central is clearly hoping to keep the show’s post-Jon Stewart return momentum going.

Rather than pre-empt the show with South Park or Seinfeld repeats as it’s done in the recent past when The Daily Show is on break, Comedy Central will be re-airing four of Jon Stewart’s Monday shows this coming week.

In on-air promos (see below), the network is dubbing it “A Full Week of Jon-Cores”

The Daily Show has seen a ratings resurgence over the five weeks since Stewart’s return. Last fall the show was averaging about 300,000 total viewers nightly. Stewart’s Monday episodes have more than tripled that in live-plus-same-day viewers, and when delayed viewing is added, his numbers have been hovering around 2,000,000 viewers.

The Stewart effect isn’t just boosting The Daily Show on Mondays. There’s also been a halo effect for the show’s Tuesday through Thursday episodes as well, with live-plus-same-day numbers on those nights averaging more than 425,000 total viewers .

No word yet on which Stewart repeats will be airing which nights this week, but we’ll update this post when/if it’s revealed.

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