Colbert Books Former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer

A few years back, an interview with a former Supreme Court justice might not have seemed like a great get for a late-night show, but my how the times-they-have-a-changed.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert just announced that former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will sit down for an interview with Colbert next Monday.

With all eyes on the court as it’s set to consider former President Trump’s argument that presidents should be protected from federal prosecution with absolute immunity, Breyer is in a unique position to lend insight.

Bryer served on the court alongside five of its current justices until his retirement in 2022. His replacement, Ketanji Brown Jackson, was one of his former clerks.

It won’t be Bryer’s first time on The Late Show. He visited with Colbert in 2015 while he was still on the bench. (He was the night’s second guest, appearing after Emily Blunt.)

The 85 year-old Bryer is emerging as an outspoken critic of the current court. In a new book titled “Reading the Constitution: Why I Chose Pragmatism, Not Textualism,” he argues that his former colleagues are steering the country in the wrong direction. It’s set for release the day after his Colbert appearance, on Tuesday March 26th.

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