You Too Can Dress Like Chloe Fineman (If You Shop at Her NYC Closet Sale)

If you’ve ever wanted to walk a mile in Chloe Fineman’s shoes, this weekend might be your chance.

The Saturday Night Live cast member announced she’s holding a Summer Closet Sale in New York City this weekend, alongside publicist Sara Larson.

“Designer! Not designer! Shoes! Shorts! Jeans!,” she wrote on Instagram. “Soooooo much great stuff.”

“Heck I’ll be giving things away as well,” Fineman added, “cuz my storage unit has reached her limit!!” Fineman notes the sale will feature “lots of sizes” as well.

The sale is happening on the second floor of 676 Broadway in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood this coming Sunday, June 9th, from 1 pm to 7 pm ET.

Fineman is a noted fashion fan, having been profiled in outlets like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. In addition to attending the actual Met Gala in the past—and co-hosting Vogue‘s livestream of the annual event in 2023 —she memorably portrayed Anna Wintour in the most recent season’s “Teeny Tiny Statement Pin” sketch.

Fineman joined SNL in 2019. She’s set to appear in Francis Ford Coppola’s upcoming sci-fi epic Megalopolis, which just premiered at Cannes.

In fact, Fineman’s red carpet appearance at Cannes created a small fashion stir of its own. When the Instagram account @checkthetag posted a poll for users to approve or disapprove of Fineman’s outfit, some commenters went overly negative, with one comment comparing Fineman to “a bobble head.”

Fineman replied to the commenters with a gentle but necessary reminder: “No need to be so mean! Thank you,” she wrote.

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