Bowen Yang Talks Making Out With Sydney Sweeney: ‘Such a Professional’

SNL star Bowen played against type last weekend in the pretaped sketch, “Bowen’s Straight,” in which he portrayed himself as a womanizing straight man.

The sketch sees Sydney Sweeney (also playing herself) admmitting to having a crush on Yang, whom she believes to be gay. Yang quickly disabuses her of that notion as the two engage in a steamy make out session.

Asked about the sketch during an appearance with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager Thursday morning, Yang recalled being concerned for Sweeney ahead of the shoot.

“Obviously we were doing a lot of imtimate, intense stuff, so I did one last check in with her,” Yang explained. “I was like, ‘whatever you’re not comfortable with, you can change your mind at any time’ and she finally touched my shoulder, and she was like, ‘Bowen, I’m on Euphoria. It’s fine. I’m used to this.’

“She’s such a professional,” he added.

Yang is back in Studio 8H this weekend as SNL returns with three-time host Josh Brolin and musical guest Ariana Grande.

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