Jason Tabrys

Contributor Jason Tabrys is a late-night comedy obsessive who can often be found rewatching old Conan or Craig Ferguson clips. He's a member of the TCA and a writer/editor over at UPROXX, where he's worked for the last 10 years overseeing longform, entertainment features, and interviewing comedians, actors, and late-night comedy staples like Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, Andy Richter, Sam Bee, Jordan Klepper, and Roy Wood Jr. Maybe you've read his oral history on the Adam Pally/Ben Schwartz Late Late Show takeover, SNL's Christmastime For The Jews, or his important work tracking down what happened to a 20-foot traveling Eddie Murphy head. No? Why not? One time, Conan's prop master Bill Tull told him, "We put a lot of things in the wood chipper back then" when asked about an old Late Night bit involving an ET puppet. It is the greatest thing anyone has ever said to him.