Josh Brolin / Ariana Grande SNL Hot Take Show – S49 E14

Join the Saturday Night Network as we recap the best moments from the Josh Brolin & Ariana Grande Saturday Night Live episode (S49 E14) and get some hot takes from panelists Jon Schneider, Andrew Dick, & Nicole Rovine!

Our Hot Take Show streams live weekly on SNL live weeks beginning at 1:10am. To watch the episode, click the YouTube embed above.

Meet your panelists:

Jon Schneider is the main host of the Saturday Night Network. Jon has seen every episode of Saturday Night Live going back to 1975 and loves discussing how new episodes affect the legacy of the show. His favorite SNL cast member of all time is Will Forte.

Andrew Dick is the host of that That Week In SNL podcast and an expert on vintage episodes of Saturday Night Live. He has been podcasting with the Saturday Night Network since 2020 and his favorite cast member is Tim Kazurinsky.

Nicole Rovine is a special guest panelist for tonight’s show. She first joined the Saturday Night Network in 2021 and hosted Hollywood Dish, a pop culture podcast that explained Saturday Night Live’s most important pop culture references. Her favorite cast member is Maya Rudolph.

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