Watch What Happens Live Is Gunning For Its First-Ever Emmy Nod

With Watch What Happens Live set to mark its 15th anniversary this July, Bravo is hoping to convince Emmy voters to include it among the late night nominees for outstanding talk series—even if the show’s host thinks it’s a lost cause. 

Cohen made his feelings known in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter out today.

“My people are like, ‘This year’s gonna be the year for us!,’ Cohen revealed to THR. “But I tell them they’re wasting their time.”

Cohen’s show has never been nominated for Outstanding Variety Series Talk at the Primetime Emmys. (The program did earn a nomination in a more obscure category in 2018: Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media Within An Unscripted Program).

“Maybe I’m jaded,” Cohen continued. “But I just don’t think Emmy voters look at it as anything kind of serious or realistic. I don’t know.” 

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen doesn’t follow the traditional late-night format seen on the broadcast networks. Eschewing a monologue and sketches for celebrity interviews, the 30-minute gossip-centric show mostly makes headlines when Cohen gets celebs to share revealing info about themselves. 

Cohen feels this puts him at a disadvantage with Emmy voters. “I think it’s out of their box and maybe it will never be in their box,” he explained. “They have this set notion of what late night shows should be like. 

Still, Cohen remains grateful to even be in the conversation—and to have a show at all. “I appreciate that they want it to happen and I would love it to happen,” he told THR. 

“But ultimately, I’m more concerned with just getting to keep doing the show.”

Cohen has found himself under fire in recent months after several Real Housewives alums have filed suit against and and Bravo, alleging sexism, racism and substance abuse on set. He and Bravo have denied those allegations.

Last month, Deadline debunked rumors that Cohen was negotiating an exit from the Bravo clubhouse, noting that the show is expected to be renewed.

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