WATCH: Kris Jenner Inspired Ego Nwodim’s ‘Rich Auntie with No Kids’ SNL Wardrobe

Some episodes are tougher than others for cast members to get air time on, Saturday Night Live cast member Ego Nwodim reveals in a new SNL Sketch Rewind video.

That apparently was the case for the Dec. 17, 2023 SNL featuring guest host and SNL legend Kate McKinnon.

However, Nwomdim managed to get her “Rich Auntie with No Kids” onto that episode’s Weekend Update segment, and she quickly became one of the most memorable characters of Season 49.

“She’s very cocky. She’s annoying, but fun,” remarked Nwodim. “You kind of hate her, but you love her.”

Nwodim explained she wrote the sketch with SNL staffers Asha Ward, Gary Richardson, and Alex English.

“I texted them when I found out we were getting to do it on Friday, and I asked, ‘What look do we want?’,” said Nwodim. “And Asha [Ward] sends back a picture of Kris Jenner dressed exactly like this [the character], with a martini and everything.”

With a reality TV legend as her muse, Nwodim said that she texted “Tom in wardrobe,” who ended up finding the outfit, which he said was “an old Dolce & Gabbana set.” They ended up finding a similar outfit, provided Nwodim with an expensive purse for the character, and “Rich Auntie” was ready for the Update desk.

Nwodim then explained the general Weekend Update experience.

“I feel like when you’re on Update, you get more room to improvise because the way shots are arranged in a sketch is not the same as they are in Update,” she said. “In Update, it’s pretty much like two shots. You can go up and say pretty much whatever. It’s kind of crazy that no one just goes rogue.”

Can SNL viewers expect a second appearance from “Rich Auntie with No Kids?” Nwodim would certainly like that to happen, but isn’t quite sure “when or for what.”

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