Watch Josh Brolin Emerge From His SNL Ice Bath in Behind the Scenes Video

He turned quite a few heads when he climbed into an ice bath during his SNL monologue Saturday night. But how exactly did Josh Brolin make it out of the bath and into the show’s second sketch in the space of a three minute commercial break?

Not without some help.

In behind-the-scenes video shared by the show as part of its weekly live YouTube stream Saturday night, Brolin is seen jumping out of the bath, being helped into a robe, and quickly ushered offstage to one of Saturday Night Live’s famous quick change rooms.

Three minutes later, the show returned from commercial break with Brolin in the opening shots of the “Bank Robbery” sketch.

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By his side throughout was Donna Richards, SNL’s longtime host dresser, whose job is to ensure that the host is properly dressed and ready to hit their mark in their next sketch. And if three minutes sounds tight, that’s nothing for Richards.

In another video shared by the show five years ago, Richards described once being tasked with helping Justin Timberlake make a ten-second change into a full body “Cup o’ Noodles” costume. All in a Saturday night’s work, apparently.

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