Sheboygan, Wisconsin Embraces Being the Butt of Colbert’s Jokes

If there’s one thing that Sheboygan, Wisconsin has going for it, it’s excellent sportsmanship. 

Last month, the so-called “Malibu of the Midwest” got a taste of fame (albeit, not the most flattering kind) when Stephen Colbert name-dropped the city—twice—on The Late Show.

On the June 17 episode, Colbert addressed former President Donald Trump’s controversial claim that Milwaukee—which is set to host the Republican National Convention this month—is a “horrible city,” by poking fun at the remarks he himself made at Milwaukee’s expense during the 2020 Democratic National Convention. 

While Colbert has since made amends with Milwaukee (thanks to his “Milwaukee Apology Tour”), that apparently doesn’t mean all of Wisconsin is safe.

“I learned my lesson the hard way and have since learned to appreciate Milwaukee, the eternal city,” Colbert said. “The Paris of Wisconsin. Suck it, Sheboygan.”

Fortunately, no Sheboygan apology tour seems to be necessary. Mayor Ryan Sorenson took Colbert’s “suck it” joke like a champ, telling Sheboygan Press that the city wasn’t offended. “It was all in good fun,” Sorenson said.

Colbert mentioned Sheboygan again on June 19, this time in the context of joking about Trump’s rally in Racine. At the rally, Trump remarked that being near Lake Michigan was a “big advantage” compared to being by the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, which have sharks. 

“Sure, that’s what everyone associates with Wisconsin,” Colbert said. “No sharks.” He then played a shark attack scene from Jaws, accompanied by a voiceover shrieking, “I should’ve moved to Sheboygan!”

According to Sheboygan Press, the city plans to send Colbert a care package—including a “Malibu of the Midwest” T-shirt—and invite him over for a (hopefully nice and friendly) visit. Hey, at least there are no sharks there.

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