SNL Offers a Backstage Peek at ‘Big Bench’ Sketch

Saturday Night Live has made an art form out of showcasing what it takes to put on a live show of its scale, whether it be in the form of bumpers that air mid-commercial break or backstage video that streams live online during the show’s opening credits.

Late Tuesday, the show released a new peek behind the scenes: a timelapse video of preparations for the this weekend’s “Big Bench” sketch.

In case you missed it, the TV judge program parody imagined a TV court with a panel of 17 judges (including one dog).

The backstage video sees the sketch from the Wednesday read-thru through the Fri run-thru to Saturday night’s set change and on to air.

Not unlike in the sketch itself, “Judge Woof” steals the show here, too. (Watch the video above.)

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