Slideshow: Every Lower-Third Caption From John Mulaney’s Everybody’s in L.A.

If John Mulaney proved one thing with Everybody’s in L.A., his experimental live talk show that ran last week on Netflix, it’s that he’s a master of chaos. And not the ordered kind. 

Between his nightly themes (i.e. palm trees, helicopters), top-tier musical guests, viewer call-ins, and an embarrassment of late-night legends (see: David Letterman and Jon Stewart), Mulaney had a lot going on. Fortunately, there was one reliable narrator amidst the competing sources of noise: an ongoing series of lower-third captions that identified the show’s various players in a bevy of entertaining ways. 

While some of these captions could easily be planned for—at one point, the host himself was identified as being “in a single episode of The Bear,” while Letterman was described as someone who “also had a weird talk show”—others were more spur-of-the-moment. When Bill Hader showed up with a rather prominent eye infection, fellow guest and comedian Luenell made sure to create a bit of distance from the former Barry star while the caption noted “Doesn’t like Bill’s eye.” Who knew four words could be so funny?

While LateNighter reached out to Netflix, we were unable to confirm who exactly was the show’s chyron operator. But we do have the next best thing: 50+ of the funniest captions that ran throughout the week and helped the audience make sense of the many competing sources of noise. For your own amusement, here they are in slideshow form (click the right arrow to advance to the next slide):

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