Report: New Target Commercials to Star Kristen Wiig as SNL Target Lady

Get your red vest ready: Kristen Wiig is said to be reprising her recurring character The Target Lady in a series of ads for the discount department store.

That’s according to Roger Friedman at Showbiz411, who reports that Wiig and a crew were recently spotted taking over a Target store overnight to shoot the campaign.

Wiig famously portrayed the overzealous Target cashier in ten SNL sketches beginning in 2005. In each of the sketches, she invariably drives her rushed customers crazy as she enthusiastically comments on each of their products as she scans them

Wiig developed the character when she was a part of the Los Angeles improv group The Groundlings and brought it with her to Saturday Night Live, which is what allows her to perform it off the show.

Characters created while performers work for SNL are the intellectual property of the show, and tend to only show up in other Lorne Michaels-produced properties, like The Coneheads and Wayne’s World movies. Another exception: Julia Sweeney’s feature film It’s Pat, which was also based on a character developed at The Groundlings and brought to SNL.

At press time there was no official confirmation of the ads or when they might air, but with Wiig scheduled to host Saturday Night Live on April 6th, there will certainly be an enthusiastic audience at the ready.

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    LOVE HER!!