Last Week Tonight Season 2 Lands on YouTube

John Oliver is making good on his promise to release a complete season of Last Week Tonight each week the show is dark this season.

As of 11pm ET Sunday, the show’s complete second season is now available for free on YouTube in the U.S.

Among the season’s most memorable episodes were Oliver’s introduction of Phillip Morris mascot “Jeff the Diseased Lung” (in episode 2, which focused on Tabacco), and episode 25, about televangelists, in which Oliver hired a tax lawyer to help him create his own tax-exempt megachurch.

But Season 2’s most infamous episode is probably episode 8, “Government Surveillance,” in which Oliver traveled to Russia to interview Edward Snowden, unbeknownst to anyone—including his bosses at HBO.  

Last month’s drop of Last Week Tonight’s first season marked the first time that complete episodes of the show were made available for viewing in the U.S. anywhere other than HBO and its sister streaming service Max. At the time, the show said that seasons 2-8 would follow each week the show takes a week off this season. (Those hoping to watch full episodes from the show’s most recent three seasons will still need a Max subscription here in the U.S.)

In a trailer featuring highlights from the season that was posted to Last Week Tonight’s YouTube page earlier this weekend, the show asked “Hey, remember Season 2? Neither do we.”

Season 2 ran longer than any of the show’s other seasons, with 35 total episodes (Season 1 had  24 episodes, Seasons 2-9 had 30, and last year’s Season 10 had just 21).

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