Kacey Musgraves on Her Accidental SNL Fashion Choice

She’s being feted on social media for her turn on last night’s Saturday Night Live, but country music star Kasey Musgraves seems a bit more focused on a wayward hair clip.

Appearing on SNL for the third time, Musgraves performed two songs from her upcoming album, Deeper Well.

(And no, that wasn’t a robe she was wearing while performing the record’s title track in her bare feet. It was a Ralph Lauren patchwork jacket.)

Fans quickly took to X to praise her performance, but responding to a screenshot from the show’s goodnights, Musgraves found her eye drawn to one thing.

“The [hair] clip” wrote Musgraves. “I forgot to remove the clip.”

Intentional or not, Musgraves fans thought it worked.

“It looks cute tho. Wouldn’t have known it wasn’t meant to be there,” wrote one.

“i thought you were abt to start a new hair trend,” wrote another.

Whether she’s sporting a floor-length black Moschino gown at the Met Gala or wearing $4,000 crystal trainers, the seven-time Grammy winner has never shied away from eye-catching looks.

“Fashion is such an important form of self-expression for me and for so many people,” she told Glamour magazine in 2022.

Musgraves’ new album Deeper Well releases on March 15th.

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