Jimmy Fallon Contributes Song to Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix Pop-Tarts Movie

A pop track about Pop-Tarts? Sounds about right.

Jimmy Fallon hosted Jerry Seinfeld on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, and the duo discussed Seinfeld’s new Netflix movie about the creation of the breakfast treat.

Unfrosted is the legendary comic’s directorial debut. It features a who’s-who of comedy legends, and hits the streamer May 3.

Fallon teased earlier in the week that he and Meghan Trainor recorded a song for Seinfeld’s movie, Sweet Morning Heat. Mark Ronson produced the track.

“About a month ago, I get a phone call from you,” Fallon said to Seinfeld during his Wednesday Tonight show appearance. “You say: ‘Jimmy. I did the movie, Unfrosted. It came out great. It’s locked, but I still think there’s room to get Jimmy Fallon in this movie.”

Fallon added that he was getting prepared for an actual on-camera role, but Seinfeld threw a curve ball at him. “You go, ‘I don’t want you to act. I want you to sing a song.”

Seinfeld responded, “Mark Ronson wrote the music, I wrote the lyrics.”

Fallon proceeded to read some of the lyrics: “Please give me that sweet morning heat every single day of the week. You’ve got all the lovin’ that I need. Give me that sweet morning heat.”

He played the song for the audience, and the duo got up and briefly danced.

“It’s a bop! It’s so good, and I’m honored to be on it,” said Fallon.

Fallon then teased an exclusive sneak peak at the trailer for Unfrosted (fast-forward to 18:00 in).

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