Bill Maher to Trade Chairs With Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick on HBO’s Real Time

Bill Maher’s next guest needs no introduction—though his fill-in host might.

Real Time with Bill Maher is turning the tables on the host this Friday, with Maher being the interviewee. Leading the discussion will be a special guest: Martin Short’s obnoxious Hollywood interviewer Jiminy Glick.

Maher’s self-booking stunt will see the Real Time host discuss his new book, What This Comedian Said Will Shock You.

“Because I interview authors all the time… we have a dilemma. I now am an author, but I can’t interview myself,” Maher explained on last week’s show. “So next week, I’m going to be the guest… And I said, ‘Can I get the greatest interviewer in the world?’”

Short’s character originated on the short-lived The Martin Short Show in 1999, before getting his own weekly Comedy Central talk show, Primetime Glick, in 2001.

Short then brought the character to the big screen in 2004’s Jiminy Glick in Lalawood, and to Broadway in 2006’s Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me. The former SCTV and SNL star has reprised the character sporadically since then, including appearances on Maya & Marty and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Glick’s last appearance was with Fallon in 2017.

While this will be Glick’s first time on Real Time, Maher has sat down with the character before. Glick previously welcomed Maher as the first-ever guest on Primetime Glick in 2001. He also interviewed Maher while guest-hosting Larry King Live in 2005.

Short—as himself—has been a guest on Real Time five times, in addition to at least three appearances on Maher’s previous show, Politically Incorrect.

Real Time with Bill Maher’s “very special episode” with Jiminy Glick airs Friday, June 21, at 10 pm ET on HBO and Max.

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