Charlamagne tha God Returns to The Daily Show

For the second week in a row, The Daily Show has welcomed a former guest host back to the show for its “In My Opinion” segment. 

Correspondent Desi Lydic is behind the desk this week, but last night she turned it over to Charlamagne tha God for an editorial segment about corporate DEI initiatives.

After a mashup of corporate ad spots highlighting their programs for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Charlamagne gave his take: “Here’s the part where you all stop applauding everything I say. The truth about DEI is that although it’s well intentioned, it’s mostly garbage… It’s kind of like the Black Little Mermaid: Just because racists hate it, doesn’t mean it’s good.”

“Over 900 studies have shown that DEI programs don’t make the workplace better for minorities,” he continued. “In fact, it can actually make things worse because of the backlash effect… DEI training is like D.A.R.E. for racism.”

“We don’t need corporate DEI…” he concluded. “Real DEI is only going to come from Black leadership.”

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Charlamagne guest-hosted TDS for two week-long stints in 2023. He co-hosts the syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club, and recently spent two seasons in the late-night space himself with the now-cancelled Comedy Central show Hell of a Week with Charlamagne tha God (fka Tha God’s Honest Truth).

Last week, host Jordan Klepper welcomed Leslie Jones back to the desk for the same segment, where she tackled her fear of Trump’s potential re-election. Like Charlamagne, Jones had previously served two weeks as guest host of TDS. 

John Leguizamo, another previous guest host, began the trend last November with the inaugural edition of the show’s “In My Opinion” segment.

Neither Leguizamo nor Charlamagne appear to have been named official Daily Show contributors (a title Jones shares on the show with Lewis Black and Jordan Klepper).

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